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  1. Unfortunately I dont think ill be taking anymore course because it won't be considered for this application. I qualify for diversity points. However I dont qualify for the others. Are my chances lower because of this? If I were to take the Casper end of September, would you suggest prepping for it in August? Or is it a better idea to take the Casper in October? Sorry for bothering, I'm just a little worried about my application.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if someone can give me advice on what my chances are this application cycle. My agpa is 3.95 and my MCAT is 511.
  3. If you dont mind, could I ask what your stats are? And your quintiles for Casper and MMI?
  4. I think that if you can bring up your MCAT even by a couple points and work on casper, you should be fine for an interview.
  5. I was wondering whether you could tell us what quintile you got for casper last time?
  6. Would you suggest aiming for 2nd quintile on CASPer?
  7. Hi, so I'm applying as an in province to University of Manitoba this year. I wanted to see my chances of getting in with an AGPA of 4.0/4.5 and an MCAT of 511. What range of quintile for CASPer should I be aiming for?
  8. I recently took the MCAT and got a 511 and my AGPA is 3.86/4.5 but im hoping to raise it to 3.93/4.5 hopefully before applying. I'm also IP. The last time i took CASPer, i got 2nd quintile. What are my chances of getting an interview or even getting into med school at U of M?
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