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  1. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.82 per UCAN MCAT: 513 (130 CARS) Degree: BA, MSc EC: For my top 10 I really focused on who I was and why. I left out of a lot of "impressive" ECs and opted instead for things like "growing up in a rural area" and some more personal life experiences. For ECs I included long term commitment to music and mental health and how I tied those together through volunteer initiatives. Basically my top 10 read like a personal statement rather than unique entries. Interview: Felt super great immediately afterwards and then as the weeks
  2. I just got an acceptance email so it's really happening! I'm IP and my first name starts with A so maybe it's alphabetical?
  3. Does this mean they're ready to start sending decisions? I wonder if they're going to come early?!?
  4. I had a verifier contacted at 5 and given until the 11th as well! This must have been a big round of emails they sent out.
  5. Same!!! I just messaged you so that we stop blowing up this thread!
  6. I totally agree, I guess they are just waiting to have heard back from more verifiers so they can remove any red flagged people from the offer list? Knowing that some verifiers have until the 12th makes me feel like we'll have to wait until then possibly (UGH) but it's literally impossible to know. Honestly I'm slowly going insane waiting but on the plus side, in two months we could be in orientation together!!
  7. When do you guys think we will hear from Dr P next? My best guess is today-Monday to let us know that we'll find out about admissions Thurs/Friday, any different thoughts?
  8. I’ve seen people post on **DELETED** that they were accepted last year without any being contacted! None of mine have been either so I’m hoping this is true!!
  9. I can't imagine why they only sent yours today but I do remember reading that they send these out until classes start so maybe they figured they'd just squeeze that one in ASAP haha! Honestly I dont know what to think of this except that they are probably going to update us tomorrow or Monday once these verifiers all get back to them? Maybe we'll actually find out early next week rather than late? Good luck to you too! I think it will be such a relief for all of us to finally know the outcome of this year's cycle.
  10. I can’t wait until Dr P posts the next update so that we know when we’ll be hearing back. I know they’re busy but I feel like I can’t focus very well because I’m nonstop wondering!
  11. TIME STAMP: 4:29 PM MSTResult: Invite wGPA: 3.82MCAT: 513 (125/130/128/130)ECs: Strong themes of science education and mental health, 2 first author pubs (talked about the collaborations that led to those in top 10) and several personal entries regarding mental health, life events. Year: Graduated MSc 2020 Geography : IP
  12. @Goldie I am also just checking non-stop. I really hope they come out today because I don't know if I can do another 2 days of this (also my productivity can't continue like this haha)
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