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  1. I can’t wait until Dr P posts the next update so that we know when we’ll be hearing back. I know they’re busy but I feel like I can’t focus very well because I’m nonstop wondering!
  2. TIME STAMP: 4:29 PM MSTResult: Invite wGPA: 3.82MCAT: 513 (125/130/128/130)ECs: Strong themes of science education and mental health, 2 first author pubs (talked about the collaborations that led to those in top 10) and several personal entries regarding mental health, life events. Year: Graduated MSc 2020 Geography : IP
  3. @Goldie I am also just checking non-stop. I really hope they come out today because I don't know if I can do another 2 days of this (also my productivity can't continue like this haha)
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