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  1. Hey everyone! I'm having a really hard time choosing between UofT and McMaster PT as they are both amazing programs but I'm unsure which one will make me a better PT and give me a better experience. Any advice would be genuinely appreciated.
  2. Hellooo I just started a group for McMaster MPT --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/290367176092466
  3. In regards to ORPAS offer acceptances, if we provincially accept an offer now does it automatically turn into firm acceptance by June 6th or do we have to go back and firmly accept it before then? I'm so confused as to how this works
  4. Hey everyone!! Congrats on all of the offers, is there a facebook group for McMaster PT yet or should we make one??
  5. Congratulations everyone! I also got the invite to UBC MPT interview. Does anyone want to make a group and get together online to prep for the interview soon?
  6. Hey guys! Do you think that UBC physio is going to still go ahead with their interviews or cancel them for this year considering how there are no updates still?
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