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  1. Didn’t have it and I got rejected. Congrats to everyone who were accepted though!
  2. Result: Rejected Timestamp: May 5, 2021 Geography: IP GPA: 3.48 MCAT: 516 Degree: BS 2020 ECs: 8 Interview: Felt good while interviewing, although a few questions were a bit tough I felt like a managed. There are areas to improve for sure, like I could’ve spoken about my personal experiences more but in the moment it was hard to think of them on the spot. After the interview all the self-doubt and over analyzing came, but it seems like it’s common though. Thoughts: Really disappointed, it’s my second time applying and this was my first and only intervie
  3. You don’t need an official email, it’s preferred and it may go through another level of verification but it’s not required. I had unofficial emails and it worked out fine. Be aware, UofA will send an email out to most if not all of your verified contacts for each activity not just your letters of reference. They will all have the opportunity to vouch for you. A tip on selecting your verifiers/letters of reference. The UofC said a couple cycles ago they stopped sharing the identity of the references to those reviewing your file as to remove some bias. That way it’s more about WHAT the
  4. I’ll add my interview experience, Going into the interview I had practiced but I knew I couldn’t expect perfection I just had the mindset to smile and be confident in who I am and answer the questions the best I could. I just tried to have a good time with the experience the best I could despite it being a high stress situation. during the interview I felt like I was doing pretty good. 1 station I felt like I did really poorly and struggled. 2 were okay and the others I thought were decent. In my panel interview, there were just a few questions and I had like 1-2 minutes left
  5. TIME STAMP: 3:25 MST / 02.12 Result: regrets wGPA: 3.61 MCAT: 516 (128 CARS) ECs: good enough for UofA Year: 2020 BSc Geography: IP disappointed because calgary was my top choice and the more interviews the better sense of security id feel but if I can get UofA I’d still be so excited. Good luck everyone!
  6. They said there was a glitch and some people didn’t receive their emails, it resulted as an error on their end. They said it’s nothing to do with your interview decision outcome it’s just something with their end. They are hoping to have it fixed today and they submitted the issue to their software developers, but it will be resolved the latest by Tuesday before the interview slots open.
  7. I think it was a glitch because Dr. Panaccione said on the blog that they sent out emails yesterday. But I’m like you and still haven’t received anything. I’m going to give them a call this morning and try to find out.
  8. It’s 7 MST now, Is it safe to say there’s no more emails going out tonight or am I going to have to keep refreshing my email all night?!? the anxiety is driving me nuts haha
  9. time Stamp: 1:04 MSTResult: Invite!!!!!GPA: 3.48 ...right!?! (UofC’s gpa is a 3.61) (4th yr 4.0 gpa with 30+ credits)MCAT: 516 (129/128/129/130)(506–>513–>516)Current/Past Degree: BSc 2020Geography (IP/OOP): IP (rural applicant) CASPer: (41-60% for Manitoba OOP) Extracurricular Activities score /16 (awards, achievements, volunteering, employmenct, research, etc.): filled all 16 entries. Lots of life experiences and not health related. volunteering: 2 yrs missionary work in England before my undergrad, 8500+ hrs. Led a couple clubs that did volunteer work for two years. E
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