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  1. Result: Reject Timestamp: 9:07am Geography: IP GPA: 3.43 MCAT: 125.5 Degree: BSc in Biology, MSc in Surgery (finishing this spring) ECs: 8 I was floored I received an interview to begin with. I know I should have spent more time preparing and really grinding before the interview, I didn't think it went horrible but I could have connected overall much better. The panel was my most disappointing performance, I was a bit rattled with it being the first one. I hope to take these experiences and bring more for it next year. I really hope I'm re-offered an i
  2. We have fairly similar stats... keep your chin up, I know it's hard to figure out where to go from here or spend our time the next year, but I'm hoping next year will work out better. Message me if you want to talk about anything or help going through the process!
  3. Hey! I would like to, mine is prep for U of A
  4. In advance, I hope this encourages the poo out of people, because I have been super hard on myself - although medicine is most definitely my dream I understand my GPA and MCAT is all very below average, so this is my first time applying now that I am finishing my MSc. I LOVE YOU ALL. Keep trying if it didn't work out because if there is hope for me, anyone can do it. For real. I swear they got to randomize these things (I don't want to be-little my life experience however). time Stamp: 1:04 pm Result: INVITEGPA: 3.43MCAT: 492 -> 502 (wrote it in my 3rd year, & wrote it last fall.
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