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  1. A lot of people talk about "rural medicine", but what really defines rural when it comes to medicine? <100k popultion? <50k? <10k? The practical definition of rural I have in mind is the point at which a community starts to have family medicine doctors do more and more things that would be exclusive or almost exclusive to specialists in major metro areas (OBGYN, emerg, hospitalist, etc). So I guess I am really wondering at what size of community this starts to happen in Canada.
  2. Thanks for the reply yeah I was looking at the Alberta billing codes after I posted that and it’s easy to see how after-hours, call, weekends, etc can start to add up quickly with the modifiers and multipliers in the billing code.
  3. $2500/day in rural medicine?! 5 days a week and 6 weeks of vacation, you would be billing $575k per year, some of that hospital work without overhead. Seems really high. Do you mind explaining that math?
  4. Thanks for the great reply. That all makes sense, especially the OB stuff. Do you get well compensated for taking on the additional scope in a rural area (emerg and hospital plus/minus low-risk OB)? Or is the way to make the most money still to just be an outpatient machine that sees 40 patients/day?
  5. What is the realistic scope of a rural FM doctor? Is it possible to do a combination of some general peds/adult outpatient, some OB call/deliveries, some hospitalist work, and some emerg work? Maybe not all four, that is a lot...maybe 3 out of 4?Or do most rural doctors need to focus on one niche? I know FM doctors have OB, peds, adult, inpatient and outpatient training, but I am curious if it is actually common for FM doctors to utilize this full skill-set in a rural area. For context, I am an American medical student who is considering doing a FM medicine residency in the US and then mo
  6. Kind of an old thread but do you mind elaborating how the hard cap works in AB and ON? How do they determine a number?
  7. You are right, thanks! This forum is great, much nicer than the American ones lol. Just came here to post a link that answered my own question. https://phx.e-carms.ca/phoenix-web/pd/main?mitid=1415 And it’s my understanding that USMDs don’t need to take any of the Canadian board exams like NAC, MCCEE, or MCCQE1 like IMGs do. Can one else confirm that?
  8. Hey guys, do you all know if a US medical graduate with Canadian PR is in the CMG stream or the IMG for the first iteration? I am confused because Canadian and US medical graduates are included as one bullet point under eligibility in one part of the CaRMS website, then IMG and DO’s are lumped together. But then in other parts of the CaRMS website, they only mention CMG and IMG eligibility streams with no mention of USMG. first part: https://www.carms.ca/match/r-1-main-residency-match/eligibility-criteria/ second part: https://carms.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016355772-W
  9. Thanks for your reply! Do you know how much the hourly pay is? Or about how much a usual billing per shift is since I have heard rural is often not hourly but fee for service
  10. Two questions for you all: 1. What is the hourly rate these days for EM work in the most rural emerg department? I’m assuming very rural pays the highest. I found some old posts but they were talking about city rates in like 2012. 2. Do I have this right...if you do 2 years of FM residency, you can easily finds job in rural emergency departments? Then after 4 years of working a certain amount of EM shifts, you can get board certified in emergency medicine? I know the +1 for EM is insanely competitive so I wouldn’t bank on getting one of those spots. I have more questions but I w
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