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  1. This hits so close to home. All of the people I know applying this year got in except me and it hurts
  2. This whole process has been so hard but glad I had you guys with me through it Stay strong everyone, and if you need to talk I'm here
  3. I'm thinking they'll start tomorrow with the rolling offers but what do I know
  4. I know, I just feel kind of defeated at this point. Trying to be positive but its so hard
  5. I feel like this process is just so much worse because it is COVID and we are all stuck at home or work LOL
  6. I feel this so much right now. I also think 188 seems like a ton and thinking about numbers stresses me out. Waiting till next Thursday and Friday seems like an eternity and I feel like I just want to know either way.
  7. Do you think he meant 99 including the people who accepted their waitlist offer today?
  8. Oh really! Thanks for letting me know I didn't know this!
  9. I dont think the 135 "new" seats and 150 offers in total mean they made 15 over offers. The 15 offer discrepancy comes from people who deferred who were technically offered a "new" seat last year, either because they were in the LIM program or for other reasons.
  10. I'm hoping its a troll LOL I doubt admissions would be sending out offers at 10PM
  11. ^^ I would also like to know this. I feel like most people who wanted to go to U of C as their first choice would have accepted by now? And then the people who have not decided yet are probably between schools! - Just trying to be positive haha
  12. Yeah, this is usually how it works. But I think those numbers aren't accurate because the fb group isn't only the people from the new class, it contains people from the upper years as well (my friend is currently a u of c med student). So people from the upper years may have been added to the group this week too!
  13. My bets are on Tuesday, I know its a long wait but stay positive everyone Fingers crossed there is lots of movement this year!
  14. I feel this I think that the first wave might go out after the long weekend
  15. Im sure they would leave a voicemail and email you as well haha I don't think they'd just move onto the next person after one missed call
  16. Thought I would start this for this year for those of us still waiting
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