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  1. Interesting how they say it's an update for the 2021-2022 cycle, i.e. next round of applications... can't they just give the current applicants some relief :'(
  2. A week from today would be amaaaazing! I know last year it ended up being the second Wednesday, and since interviews were 2 weeks (I think) later than they were last cycle I've been thinking it might be Wednesday the 17th. That's completely unfounded, but is the date I'm counting down to
  3. Hi! Question for current MUN students who have already met their degree requirements- when you go into the document section of your CaRMS application, is your 2021 transcript uploaded? And is the "Upload Date" reflective of including Fall semester? I know we didn't have to send in our transcripts but I check CaRMS a little too obsessively and my transcript is titled "MUN 2021 Transcript" with an upload date of September 10th, 2020. I can't help but worry that they're missing my Fall transcript. Not sure how it all even works so maybe I'm just overthinking! I'll shoot them an email in a couple
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