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  1. Hi everyone! I'm doing my best to fix my UG GPA. I applied for Fall admissions, and even the Canadian university I applied to don't like my low GPA. They said it's too low for the program. I'm interested in Anthropology. Anybody here knows which Canadian school accepts low GPAs and not entirely online? It's so frustrating! How can we get a second chance if the undergrad schools don't even accept you with your low grade?? My stats: Bachelor's degree GPA 2.4 (I know GPA's very bad. I wish I wasn't that emotional with family problems back then). Master's (with thesis) GPA 3.
  2. Hi, I'm checking at the link about "UBC does use graduate degree grades" and can't seem where it stated they do check it. Which part? Thank you
  3. Hi, I've been researching on what to do, confused, overwhelmed (on how to fix my low GPA and still go to Med school)... thankfully a kind premed101-ner told me yesterday to do a 2nd undergrad degree. Very thankful to him/her! Anyway, just wondering what 2nd UG are you taking right now and which school if you don't mind? I'm just weighing options/advice on which route to take.. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I came across this old post. What is the premed program in Mac or Guelph? Is it recommended for 2nd undergrad? I mean it's not Pass or Fail? Thanks
  5. Okay.. lmao! So I'm not the only one right now who's looking for the best premed program. Same dude! Tryna figure out the best route to get into Med School and with a competitive GPA. lol
  6. Thank you for replying.. Yeah, I'm open into that. I'm looking (and interested) into the BSN accelerated stream cos I think it will be an advantage of knowing the wards protocol but I read somewhere that BSN is not a good idea? Any UG recommendation? Right now, I'll take any chances to boost my undergrad GPA. Thanks..
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