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  1. I had applied to Western, McMaster, UofT and Queens. Didn't get an offer from the first three b/c my sGPA was not the greatest and pretty much and given up hope, but to my surprise got an acceptance to Queens!
  2. Thank you so much for this! I don't think I can pass up going to school for OT I see myself as an OT for long term for sure, other opportunities like this can come as an OT as well! Best of luck with your schooling and future endeavours!
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I think my heart is definitely set on OT! OT is such an awesome career and has a great job prospect in Canada as well!
  4. Hey Everyone, just to give a little hope to future applicants. Applied: OT McMaster, Western, Queens, UofTAccepted: Queens Waitlisted: Rejected: McMaster, UofT, WesternGPA:c-gpa: 3.65 and s-gpa: 3.67 I am a first time applicant, just finished my undergrad. Looking at my sGPA I knew I would not get into McMaster, Western, UofT, and had little to no hope for Queens with my cGPA as well looking at the stats from previous years. I had a very solid Letter of Intent. I had the opportunity to shadow OTs, and I really used everything I learned and incorporated that into my LOI. I also had t
  5. Hi Guys, I got accepted into OT for Queens but I am debating whether to accept or not. I was offered a full time permanent job as a research coordinator (managing all facets of a study) at one of the top research institute in Ontario. Pros of this job: stable, permanent, benefits, growth opportunities, working in healthcare along physicians and making contributions towards the future of healthcare-- and right out of undergrad a really good position to be in. OT obviously has many pros as well and it was something I wanted to do undergrad. Im just on the fence because I know how
  6. Got my acceptance from OT Queens! Can't believe it really thought I wouldn't get anything this year omg
  7. https://governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/secretariat/policies/grading-practices-policy-university-assessment-and-january-1-2020 they use this grading scale. Depending on if your uni used % or letter grade it translates to a certain percentage and gpa (on 4.0 scale) at UofT.. You can use this calculator: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/webapps/aacc-tools/GPA_calculator/index.cgi to figure out what your cGPA/average would be at UofT.
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