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  1. Last year it was a little different when I applied! They included the MCAT (optionally and if it was beneficial to you) with your 70% academic score. This was for the pre-interview score only. They didn't specify whether this was to support the cGPA calculation or the academic context part of the score but it definitely could have helped pre-interview if you had a good score I would imagine!
  2. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/requirements-edu/mcat I was checking around the McGill website to view for any updates for the coming cycle where I found their MCAT requirements have changed. It appears they won't be accepting MCAT scores at all (last year it was optional) for any applicant with a Canadian university degree. I really am not a fan of this decision as it makes the pre-interview so much more reliant on cGPA (which accounts for 70% of the pre-interview score). I thought it was great if it was optional as the people who were below the average
  3. Same thing here! It just says name confirmed on waiting list (after I accepted). Near the bottom of the Minerva screen it says Not yet received/processed for rank on waiting list. I’m gonna assume that it will tell you the actual rank later? Will it always say your rank on the waitlist or only if you’re high up on it?
  4. Haha sorry I probably should’ve waited until next week, hadn’t realized interviews are still going on this long. Honestly it’s meant to put you in ambiguous situations so just be honest with yourself in it. My tip is just be patient, I think I really panicked bc I had my computer clock in front of me and like I had to get my answers out ASAP which also made me very nervous. So I would say just be honest, don’t act unlike yourself and don’t worry about rushing to get your words across I think
  5. How did people find the MMI? Personally I found it pretty hard so honestly I may just be seeking validation here Is it normal for people to find it tough or as though they bombed it? It was my first ever Med interview so honestly I just feel so paranoid now
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