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  1. I definitely agree some up to date stats would be nice so we know where we stand relative to other applicants.
  2. I took the DAT for the first time in November along with taking a full load (5 classes) and found that it took be about 2 months to study. I would think a month of studying without other things to worry about like classes would be okay. For the biology portion, the majority of it is just memorization. For the chemistry portion you are going to want to be comfortable with the major concepts and theories.
  3. I guess not this week as I'm assuming they're closed on weekends. Hopefully they'll send out some sort of update next week.
  4. I'm assuming they haven't responded but any update from Usask yet? Did your friend say if they emailed out information, or are we supposed to check our Application Status page to get the info? I find it odd that it's now March 2nd and we still haven't heard anything.
  5. Interviews should hopefully be out soon! Anybody have an idea on when they are normally released?
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