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  1. just got waitlisted (OOP). I don't remember my converted SGPA from a 4.0 to 4.3 scale but my ORPAS SGPA is 3.93.
  2. Thank you! do you by chance remember approximately how many questions were asked, I`ve heard its around 10-12.
  3. Does anyone have any tips for UofT CAP? And how much time are we given to answer questions? Is it sorta like casper with the time crunch? Thanks!
  4. Oh sorry I meant for Queens and Western. We do not hear from them unless we are offered acceptance or rejected. May 14th is the day all Ontario PT schools will be sending out acceptances/rejections. For Toronto you are right they contact us for CAP in late march to early April (they do not specify a date).
  5. I got an interview as well! I would be down to practice together. Are you out of province?
  6. For the written responses in Kira for Mac`s interview, are you also only provided 1- 1 1/2 min to respond (like with the video response) or is it longer?
  7. Hey, I had a quick question about Mac`s Kira talent interview. Did it require both written and verbal responses? And any tips for it?
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