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  1. Hi everybody! This forum has been very helpful for me so I thought I'd try to pass it on for future applicants (and current ones)! When I emailed them about my relative position on the waitlist for Queen's, they said I was at the top. Applied + (PT): Queen's, UofT, WesternAccepted:Waitlisted: Queen's (but I JUST GOT OFF THE WAITLIST!)Rejected: Western, UofTGPA:c-gpa is 3.67 and s-gpa is 3.77Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I had several coop terms at physio clinics which helped me have over 2000 hours in two different clinics. As such, I believe my professiona
  2. hi! just wondering if anyone know if I need to submit another transcript (although i think it may be too late?) if one of my prereqs is being completed this term! ex. Queen's requires 2 psych courses but if i am taking 1 this term to meet the prereq, will they automatically know i am taking it this term from when I put in my prereqs or would another transcript be needed?
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