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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to accept my Med-P offer but when I do, this is what shows up. I accepted my offer for BSc Pharmacology about a month ago and paid the deposit. Anyone having the same issue?
  2. As bbpremed said, it's important not only for your application but also for your personal fulfillment that you take part in ECAs that you enjoy and find valuable! The CV is worth not that much so if you're not spending that time in the books, do something you love. For me, most of those endeavours involved me leading and organizing large projects, but for you that may be different. You may be into sports, photography, leadership, volunteering, music, etc. just do what makes you happy and think about how said activity can help you become a better physician. If you're not quite sure, something t
  3. Woooooo! I'm #2 Outa and I couldn't apply UdeM (French restriction) so this means a lot to me. Thanks for filling us waitlisters in ! Anyone know whether the waitlist on http://bit.ly/22szemE is updated manually or automatically?
  4. Hey everyone! Congratulations to everyone who got an acceptance! Your hard work has finally paid off, and while there is still much more to go, you're one step closer I am currently #2 on the waiting list for Outaouais and am starting to grow a bit concerned that the wait list hasn't moved. Ik it moved up ~19 last year, but my anxiety forces me to wonder: how many days after initial offers does the waitlist begin to move? Does anyone plan to refuse Outaouais/Montreal for the other schools? Once again, proud of you all
  5. #2 on Waitlist for Outaouais! If two people here who got in McGill are prioritizing UdeM, UL, or Sherby, let me know to calm me down!
  6. J'imagine que ça serait la list totale mais ça se peut que je me trompe
  7. Comment sont mes chances à UdeS comme collégien? Je pense d'avoir bien fait mon CASPer anglais puisque j'ai reçu une entrevue à McGill mais en français je ne sais vraiment pas. J'ai entendu que des gens ont reçu des refus pour UdeS aujourd'hui. Cote-R: 36,844 Laval: Refus (CASPer insuffisant)
  8. Quelqu'un avec expérience comme anglophone dans un MEM français?
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