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  1. Sorry I am not very knowledgable about the carms process as I will be just starting my first year of med school this fall, but I am really curious as to why pretty much all Canadian med schools were on this list except for UofT? Does that mean that UofT spots are just so incredibly competitive that there are none left after the first round of matching?
  2. Anyone know if there is a facebook group made for the class of 2025? I havent seen MUN send an email about it but I heard there's usually a FB group for each class
  3. Just got the acceptance email! IP applicant currently studying in another Atlantic province Here are my stats for those wondering: GPA: 89% MCAT: 514 Essays: not sure the weight they place on these but I talked about my unique experiences that I hoped would set me apart from other applicants Interview: thought MMI was okay and traditional was not great... cringed at my answers for weeks and weeks If you have any questions on the application process please feel free to message me! I wouldnt have been here without the help of so many generous people and I would love
  4. tbh ive gotten 2 emails from MUN asking me to call them ASAP and i got super scared but it always ended up being them just wanting to confirm something random from my application lol it really did give me a heart attack though. i think they probably have a rule about not being able to ask certain questions over email so I think calls are a lot less serious than they might make it seem in their email
  5. yeah i have no idea if no one has heard back yet or if no one is just posting about it...
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