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  1. I personally secured mine by sending my official admission letter!
  2. Right, that’s a conundrum... I’m sorry that I cannot be of better help.
  3. I am afraid I do not have the answer to this question. You should contact the Office of Admissions. Best of luck!
  4. As long as you get your official final transcript sent to McGill University by July, you should be fine. If that is impossible (because of the aforementioned reason), you should contact the Office of Admissions.
  5. You need to provide all of your official final transcripts, whether is it undergraduate or postgraduate. Indeed, you should already have an entry for each degree on Minerva.
  6. The Office of Admissions website: "Please do not send official records until we request them." --> https://www.mcgill.ca/undergraduate-admissions/apply/preparing-your-documents
  7. Yet another question on my part: As per indicated on the Office of Admissions website, “[a]ll students admitted into the program must submit official transcripts from all universities listed in their Minerva account”. I’ve indeed noticed that my Minerva checklist has been updated with new entries associated with my degrees’ transcripts. However, each of them reads “Not yet received/processed” with no possibilities for me to actually upload a document. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? [Update]: I have to ask each institution from which I graduated to directly send
  8. On a different matter; does anyone know when the 2021 M.D.,C.M. Immunisation Form will be published?
  9. Thank you for your message! I did see this information, but I was mainly concerned about the specific content requirements of the module I enrolled into. There are indeed so many possible courses administered by these organisations and thus I wanted to pick the correct one. I do not have it either.
  10. Hey everyone! I was simply wondering if anyone could confirm that the BLS-Blended module administrated by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation represents a valid option to meet the requirements of the mandatory formation we need to complete prior to commencing our M.D.,C.M. degree next August? Many thanks and congratulations again to everyone who received an offer yesterday!
  11. Montreal Campus it is! Looking forward to meeting all of you, future doctors!
  12. I see... How does the waitlist work then? -> Do we move in front of other applicants already in the waitlist if we decline our initial offer? If not, no one would willingly decline and move the 50th position, right? -> What if we already accepted it as well as paid the deposit? I personally remember the admission team telling us that we would see where we stand in the waitlist in the eventuality that we received an offer for our second campus choice, but that is not the case on Minerva. We shall see!
  13. Am I right to assume that I was admitted in my first campus choice since I am not given any information on potential waitlist options regarding campus selection? I am eager to accept my offer, but I would still appreciate knowing what it entails.
  14. TIME STAMP: 10h30 Result: Admitted With Condition MCAT: N/A Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I genuinely thought that I had performed poorly in at least one station, albeit the five other stations being great overall. Year: B.Sc., M.Sc. IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: First time applying; I am feeling quite ecstatic. Congratulations to everyone!
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