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  1. Hey guys, To provide an update on this topic: I was accepted to UdeM and, after careful consideration of all the factors presented above, the information I was able to glean from public sources, and conversations with some mentors/peers ahead of me, I've decided to go ahead with UdeM! I've withdrawn my USMD acceptances and waitlist positions. Biggest pros for Canada: Cheap tuition (especially Quebec schools...); close to family/friends; going to school in the country I want to practice in → better Canadian connections for CaRMS (and beyond); get to stay in home country with the healt
  2. Thanks for the details about the H1B! Makes sense to me now about requiring USMLE Step 3. I just learned about the existence of cap-exempt institutions, so if I'm lucky enough to match at one of those, there is no lottery and an H1B visa is assured after the 12 months on OPT status. You mentioned OPT status can be maintained for up to 36 months, presumably using the initial 12 months + 24 months of OPT extension. However, it seems medicine is not one of the eligible STEM degree programs for OPT extension (according to https://www.ice.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Document/2016/stem-li
  3. Thanks very much for your insight! I referenced parts of your post in my previous replies. I am leaning towards staying in Canada if I get lucky at MUN or UdeM. What do you think about UdeM versus MUN in the situation where the former is 5 years and the latter is 4 years of med school?
  4. Yes, Jefferson is looking pretty nice from the ophtho perspective and is currently my top choice out of all the USMDs that still have me in the running. They have a great general reputation as well, so if my interests change I'll be well-supported there too. I chuckled at the MUN description, though I suspect you're exaggerating at least a bit. I'm no stranger to lots of snow, and I'd be pretty happy to spend four years of med school close to nature. I also don't think the amount of daylight is significantly different from other Canadian cities. Regardless, I agree with you that UdeM is b
  5. Ah, I should have mentioned explicitly that I'm just a Canadian citizen. No PR or citizen status in the US. I think in general the J1 visa is available at nearly all academic hospitals (which are my preferred programs at this time) since ECFMG handles the sponsorship paperwork. Nonetheless, an American USMG would certainly be preferred to a Canadian USMG, all else being equal. Like bearded frog said, it's unclear when all's said and done if the benefit of more program spots in the US is outweighed by the stigma against Canadian USMGs needing a visa when applying (even if Canadian > general
  6. Hi all, After an expensive cycle of applying broadly to both Canada and the US, I'm very privileged to have three USMD acceptances (Stony Brook, Wayne State, New York Medical College). I'm also on the waitlist at some other USMD schools, in particular SKMC at Thomas Jefferson, University of Maryland, and George Washington. On the Canadian side, I am waiting post-II for a MUN OOP decision some time in May and a decision from University of Montreal at the end of this month. My goal is to eventually practice in Canada in the specialty of my choice. I don't mind doing residency in the US
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