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  1. I have a couple friends who matched to their parallel paths (IM from surgical disciplines) and they are very happy now and don't regret it at all. Like above, if you could see yourself doing that then rank it, if you can't then don't rank it. I ended up not even applying to my parallel path and am all in on a competitive discipline and I am happy I decided not to apply because I dont want to do anything else... just my $0.02
  2. this is how I am going to assert dominance in my interviews...
  3. I’ve not actually heard of a real person hearing back...
  4. We were supposed to get it during clincials and priority to those on higher risk rotations, but we've since finished all of our clinical rotations and were just told we're being put back into the phase of general population with priority by age. And no plan for having us vaccinated before residency
  5. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Feb 16), Calgary (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 16), McMaster (Feb 16), Western (Feb 17), Manitoba (Feb 19), Alberta (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Dalhousie (Feb 24), Université de Montreal (Feb 23), Université de Laval (Feb 23) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Usask (Feb 25) Cardiac Surgery: Toronto (Feb 16), Manitoba (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Montreal (Feb 24), Ottawa (Feb 24 Dermatology: ULaval (Feb 23), Calgary (Feb 23) Diagnostic Radiology: Dalhousie (Feb 18), McGill (Feb 19), Queen’s (Feb 23), Saskatchewan (Feb 23), M
  6. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Feb 16), Calgary (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 16), McMaster (Feb 16), Western (Feb 17), Manitoba (Feb 19) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22) Cardiac Surgery: Toronto (Feb 16) Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Dalhousie (Feb 18), McGill (Feb 19) Emergency Medicine: Ottawa (Feb 22), Queen's (Feb 22) Family Medicine: Joint Ontario IMG (feb15), Joint Quebec Francophone Schools (Feb 16), McGill Châteauguay (Feb 19), UBC Family Medicine (Feb 19th), McGill Gatineau (Feb 19), McGill Montreal Site (Feb 20) General Pathology: Cal
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