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  1. Crazy to think that there's so many people creeping this forum, anxiously awaiting to hear back from uofc, and very likely some/most of your lives will instantly change the second that admissions email comes through. If you're unsuccessful, don't be too hard on yourself - medicine is not the end-all be-all that you think it is. At the end of the day, it's a job like any other career, and you may very well be just as happy if not more happy doing something else. If you are successful, welcome to the long journey of medicine, the person who you are this week will be a very different person 3 yea
  2. Do you know what your home clinic is? Centrally would probably be ideal as it's more fun and you have to travel to pretty much all of the hospitals. Kensington / Marda Loop areas are great.
  3. If you enjoy what you do, and you're making good money, I personally would not pursue medicine. The opportunity cost of 4 years undergrad (the people that get in after 2 year are incredibly brilliant and accomplished individuals, and banking on getting in after 2 years is not something that I would consider realistic for the vast majority of people), 3-4 years of medical school and 2-5 years of residency is simply not worth it. Aside from that, medicine will take as much from you as you are willing to let it - you will miss many birthdays, celebrations, and most importantly, time with family a
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