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  1. Makes sense and sorta figured considering how slow the IM scheduling site got the time it had opened up.
  2. I wonder how slow CaRMS will be loading with everyone logging on at noon? Any insight from current residents?
  3. 6 hours to go!!!!! My neck is a disaster from the tension lol!
  4. Shoot I’m sorry. Reach out if you need to talk.
  5. I’m so sorry. Just echoing the others here. I can understand how awful this must feel but this in no way at all is a reflection of you! If you want to talk at all feel free to PM me!! It’s just a minor setback you’re going to be an awesome doc!! <3
  6. No for people who opted in to hear from their schools if they didn’t match. Those people will hear today - but we’re hoping that doesn’t happen! In general we’re waiting til tomorrow noon o’clock.
  7. Good luck to everyone who’s looking to hear some form of news today! It’s been quite the journey! So grateful to have had these threads during the dreaded wait time! It’s hard to get people outside of medicine to understand the rollercoaster of emotions. Don’t get me wrong they really do feel for us and try to understand but ya’ll know what I mean! I had a lot of my non-med peeps saying “don’t worry you’ll match to so many different places” I’m like noo friends, this ain’t tinder.. you just get one!! They’re like oh that’s stressful But good luck my forum homies! We got this!!!
  8. Right?!? Same emotions right here my friend. So don’t worry you’re not alone!
  9. Lol omg I’m so glad I’m not alone! I’m having dreams where I wake up from the dream relieved but then wake up for real realizing I’m dreaming in my dreams. 6 more days to go the wait in itself is a challenge!
  10. Having nightmares about match day now. I was pretty chill but I guess with the day fast approaching the anxiety is starting to build 8 days to go!
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