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  1. Then that's perfect. I thought you will have to need a master degree in physiotherapy in Canada to practice as a Physio! Then there is really no need to do a master in either kin or rehab science.
  2. Yup. The only thing about McGill is they are starting to add french language requirement, which could possible be an additional hurdle for international applicant who don't speak french.
  3. Just wondering does everyone who applied to McGill OT/PT all able to communicate/write in French to some degrees?
  4. I am not sure about OT, but for PT neither UBC or U of A reserve seats for international students 1. U of A has a certain amount of seats for both international and OOP applicants, basically if you are considered in the same pool with other OOP applicants. The interview GPA cutoff this year for this pool is 3.9+ very competitive 2. UBC has additional seats for international students on top of the 100 seats for domestic students. In the history of UBC MPT I have only heard one international student ever got accepted. 3. let's talk about immigration and getting PR. If you graduat
  5. I might be wrong on this, but I thought you have to finish a Canadian equivalent master of physical therapy degree to practice as a physio. Neither a master's degree in Kin or Rehab Science gives you an alternative route to become a physio.
  6. I only applied to Western PT this year, so this is what I found. 1. The details requirement for personal statement changed a little bit for western this year compared to last year 2. I believe all other requirement changed very slightly too, but 90% i would say is still the same as last year. All these information can be found on Western MPT website by the way. They put it out there to help candidates to prepare ahead of time. Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I thought it would be around this Monday or Tuesday, but it is a bit strange that we still haven't heard anything back from the admissions.
  8. Congrats on getting the interview. I am wondering has anyone received any follow up information from UBC about the interview links and the assigned date?
  9. Does anyone received the confirmed date for your UBC MPT MMI interview ?
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