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  1. I haven’t been invited to one. But I’m also OOP so idk how people would find me.
  2. Yep still waiting! Super antsy / excited to get the email regarding our paws and such.
  3. Has anyone received an email about our PAWS login and such yet?
  4. No login info yet. But I did email Diane and she said that all the login information and such will be emailed in the next few days. Probably just waiting for all the acceptance letters to be confirmed.
  5. Hey so I figured out you have to goto the official site for the college of pharmacy professionals and actually register for the experimental learning through the site (also drop 2 character references as well). I don't think we can do it yet though because we don't have passwords for our accounts and such.
  6. Let me know if you get an answer bc I’m curious as well!!
  7. Got in as an OOP today! just incase you guys are wondering, I just barely made it academically but my casper and interview must have really blown them away!
  8. Omg did they tell you how far in line you guys are? I’m so nervous!!!
  9. Ya I had a similar issue except my “e” key was pressing double halfway through the CASPER, so I was frantically deleting double “e’s” whenever they came up (surprising wrench thrown into my CASPER). But yno, that’s the way it goes sometimes !
  10. Casper: I was actually worried because some people were saying you don’t need to type fast as long as you get to your answer, and others were saying it looks better if you could type as much as possible. I ended up doing type racer and journalling my thoughts for 2 months prior to my casper and was averaging ~74wpm. It felt okay but in retrospect some of my answers may have been bad. Interview: I think the last two questions I may have hit out of the park. I don’t say this for the first question though because it caught me off guard (wasn’t a hard question though). ... and yea
  11. Yep! Same thing for me. Bit late to the party but ya I’ve been checking my email every morning for an acceptance letter and I keep getting trolled with surveys from USask haha. (OOP applicant as well. Hopefully we all get in!)
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