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  1. CaRMs reminder e-mail just raised my HR another 200%
  2. Good luck everyone!! I'm out of likes ! I keep refreshing carms page incase they upload it early.... lol
  3. In terms of being notified today, If you're not matched your Medical school will contact you (hopefully) today? Just want to post a huge thank you to this forum and everyone on here. It's been such a stressful period and having a support network has been invaluable!
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm an IMG and Ive been in the position before - I promise it's not over! The comeback is greater than the setback and it's no way a reflection of you. Please feel free to reach out if you want to talk!
  5. Thank you! Just over 24 hours ! Good luck tomorrow everyone!
  6. Sorry for a silly question but news today or tomorrow?!! Is something coming out today?!! Anxiety at a new high but avoiding life until tomorrow!
  7. Western Ortho for IMGs - they sent out CMG updates but are still deciding on IMGs....
  8. Just got an e-mail from them "We will send invites and update CaRMs sometime today"
  9. Is everyone's CaRMs statuses updated? i thought everything would be updated by yesterday but still a blank....
  10. I'm out of likes for the day, but likes to all of these posts! It's a crazy numbers games and is no reflection of the amazing person you are! Those red x's are awful, but positive everyone is going to do great on the interviews they got!!
  11. That's torture!! Fingers crossed for all the waitlist individuals. I'm still waiting to hear back from Western IMG - ready for this wait to be over!
  12. Looks like Western Ortho CMG heard back recently....anxiously checking e-mail/CaRMs for the IMG offers
  13. Final cut after photos released at 8am tomorrow?!
  14. Still waiting to hear back from 2 places - right to the very end, wish this waiting game was over!!
  15. This process is incredibly tough, add covid to the mix - absolutely brutal. Let your brother know this is just a speed bump. Even if he didn't get interviews there's still second round, it's not over!!
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