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  1. as someone who has lived in toronto with many friends in toronto, they don't buy houses. There are a couple scenarios: 1) parents give them money for down payment 2) move out of the city to Hamilton, Kitchener, etc etc for affordable real estate, which still is expensive 3) rent and STILL pay 50% or more of income to rent if trying to live alone...many of my non med school friends are still living with roommates paying 800-1000$ a month for a room in an apartment. 4) least likely is make own money by being in one of those very high income jobs and buy a house in to
  2. Pretty sure they have thirty days!! I would give them a week or two
  3. Does anyone know when the stats will be released about each school's match?
  4. I’m jealous that all of you are off!! I only get released from clinical duties AT noon haha.
  5. yeah i wanna thank all of you for being really encouraging and supportive throughout this. sometimes the forums get a bad rap for being negative but like, this has helped me keep my sanity. hoping for the best for everyone and hope i run into yall later
  6. I've been told I'll hear by 2:30 if unmatched....stress is real now
  7. this is so lovely thank you <3 it's hard not to get stressed by it but this is important to remember!
  8. I'm definitely at 'I just wanna match, please' hahaha. I'm so terrified of not matching.
  9. I wish they would just send the results out, this stress is destructive haha.
  10. anyone else have the irrational fear that they somehow fucked up submitting their rank list bc they can't see it on carms, despite knowing that they submitted it weeks early and also checked a million times
  11. wow that's so ridiculous that they won't tell you!
  12. honestly once i get to 4:30pm tomorrow and am sure i matched, so much stress will be gone. if i match haha. of course i'm sure i'll still be worried there was some mistake and i didn't actually match.
  13. I personally have never been chill in my life!
  14. yeah, if i didn't get into med school I was just going to continue having a job and not being in debt. if i go unmatched....feels worse
  15. damn as someone who didn't interview at my home school and wants to go out of province, this is stressful haha
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