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  1. oh my god i'm SO jealous of this, mac is not doing that
  2. is anyone else really nervous about going unmatched? I know only a small percentage do, but I'm getting more and more scared despite having what felt like good interviews
  3. yeah I also don't know lol....would be good to know this b4 ranking
  4. anyone else have one interview that just was not good? haha. first time messing up with the time differences and then just absolutely off all interview. this last week is a slog.
  5. school interviewing at: Saskatchewan (Regina) specialty: Pediatrics current interview date: March 25th, 8:00am CST date would like to switch to: March 25th, ideally 3 or 4pm CST - miscalculated the time difference and now have a time conflict!! any additional notes:
  6. this is super interesting - for those of you who got 10+ interviews, are you going to all of them? has anyone yet given up an interview?
  7. Similar question to above but for Peds: I got more rejections than expected but also a few invites, how do we all feel about the day? lol
  8. relatable <3 did he get any interviews or none at all? did he parallel plan? there are many routes to working with kids!
  9. I just want my last three blank ones to update so I can be done haha
  10. haha just as you said that I got my waitlist changed to a rejection....waitlist is moving! lol
  11. yeah I always assume waitlist until officially rejected
  12. yeah i have gotten a bunch of waitlists/rejections/one invite but nothing yet from u of t! here's hoping. Peds seems super competitive this year
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