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  1. It's a long road (9 years assuming you were starting this year), and no guarantee you'll even get into a psychiatry program after finishing medical school as they have been trending more competitive for the last several years. I would think long and hard about what it is that attracts you to psychiatry and make sure you couldn't fulfill that goal through alternate means (e.g., clinical psychology, which is shorter training but also competitive, or perhaps as a therapist after MSW or OT training).
  2. Also curious about this, what site did you have it scheduled and what day? Wondering how likely it'll be that they cancel ours...
  3. Yeah it looks useful, it looks like you need your CPSO number to join though which I don't have yet as I am just starting residency.
  4. I was aware of the rural debt forgiveness program, but are you saying there are programs for FM and Psych residents working in urban areas? Where are you seeing that information?
  5. Really good to know, wasn't aware of this. Looks like federal interest rate is set at 0% until at least Sept. 30, 2021, which might be extended depending on COVID. When paying down the principal to NSLSC, are you able to specify that you only want to pay the provincial portion? I haven't seen this option when paying student loans in the past.
  6. Question about transfers (which you may or may not have the answer to): in addition to the evals, do you have to interview for the program? And does your LMCC score matter at all in terms of choosing transfer residents?
  7. Thanks for the replies all. Yes this is in Ontario. I know someone from MD Financial could be helpful, but they're inevitably going to be biased and as rmorelan said I think this aspect is simple enough to figure out on my own. I've also heard about certain grants available depending on where you do your residency, but I'm assuming this is only for rural areas. I will be doing a 5 year residency in an urban area so as far as I understand, I will not be eligible for any of these grants and I should just pay everything with my LOC in that case? I agree there's some value to having more room
  8. Given the higher interest rate of student loans (both federal and provincial I believe) compared to the LOC that med students have access to, I would assume that it makes sense to pay off everything ASAP after graduation using the LOC. However, I've been told that there are certain grants/tax benefits you're eligible for if you have a student loan balance, and this might offset the difference in interest. I haven't been able to find much info about this, except that you can claim 15% of interest you pay on student loans as a tax deduction (but I think the OSAP/federal rates are more than 15% h
  9. Just to confirm, is the concern about staying in Quebec after matching to a Quebec residency from out of province? I have the opposite question - if I match to McGill for residency as an out of province student, will I be required to stay in Quebec for a certain amount of time after residency? (Seems like the answer is no based on that other thread.) I also can't find much info online about this and it didn't come up in any of the info sessions.
  10. No one can answer this for you but you can try making a spreadsheet to weigh the various factors including how much you like the program/location, distance from family, future job prospects, etc.
  11. Does it say anywhere if this data is based on ranked list according to site (as other people have brought up, UBC with its 19 sites for FM), or does "choice" mean School + Specialty (i.e., if you wanted UBC family as your first choice, matching to any of the sites would be considered "first choice")? I'm assuming the former but definitely changes the interpretation of the data.
  12. Assuming multiple people are in this situation, but I'm looking to swap UBC Mar. 10 for Mar. 16!
  13. school interviewing at: UBC specialty: Psychiatry current interview date: Mar 10 date would like to switch to: Mar 16 any additional notes: Let me know!
  14. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Feb 16), Calgary (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 16), McMaster (Feb 16), Western (Feb 17), Manitoba (Feb 19), Alberta (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Dalhousie (Feb 24), Université de Montreal (Feb 23), Université de Laval (Feb 23), Ottawa (Feb 26) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Usask (Feb 25), Laval (Feb 26) Cardiac Surgery: Toronto (Feb 16), Manitoba (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Montreal (Feb 24), Ottawa (Feb 24 Dermatology: ULaval (Feb 23), Calgary (Feb 23) Diagnostic Radiology: Dalhousie (Feb 18), McGill (Feb 19), Queen’s (
  15. Has anyone actually gotten rejected from McMaster psych, or just waitlist?
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