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  1. Hi guys, so I decided to write the US dat this summer and have some questions: 1. American DAT has Ochem and QR in addition to the topics in cdat. Does uoft consider these sections or completely ignore them? How about aa? Like for aa calculation Ochem and QR will be ignored or not? 2. I know different schools look at different sections in dat. which section does UofT mostly look?
  2. Hellloooo guys, I have a quick question about McGill dental admission. As I read on their website McGill dental requires "120-credit bachelor's degree (4 years). The undergraduate program must have been undertaken on a full-time basis". So if I take 9 courses in my third year during fall?winter this means that I'm no longer eligible to apply although I complete 120 credit during my 4 year undergrad?
  3. @aisacknetero120 No, UofT doesn't have any full course load requirement.
  4. @rocky123 Thanks Rocky! yes that definitely helps! Just one quick question I know Western requires full course load. What other schools require full course load as well?
  5. Hellooo everyone, I'm currently in my 3rd year of Undergrad at York and planning to apply for UofT dental school at my 5th year. I'm full course load now (4 courses fall-6courses Winter). My question is about GPA. So, I'm getting A in one of my courses this semester if I drop the course my total GPA for this year would be 3.95 and I won't be full course load anymore. However, if I keep the course my GPA will be 3.9 and full course load. Do you think I should drop the course as my GPA gets more competitive. Also, as I'm in my 3rd year it will be one of my last 2 years GPA. I'm only p
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