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  1. @Dent2021Godhelpmeomg congratulations!! Thank you so much for the update, starting to lose hope here. They called you at 5 pm???
  2. @MC0203If you don't mind me asking, when did you get the call? Noon or earlier (EST)?
  3. @Maxamillion @MC0203 @wigglin Thank you all for your replies and updates!!
  4. @Akira Grey if it says “applicants in your position have received admission offers” you are HWL if it says nothing you are MWL if it says “applicants in your position have not received admission offers” you are LWL The wording is different but this is the gist of it
  5. DAT: 25RC/22AA/20PAT GPA: not sure as I am OOP and not confident about how the conversion works but ~3.8/4 Interview: I think it went well but I was a little upset that I finished early, but I know see that most applicants finished early as well. Hope this helps!
  6. Just heard back and I believe I am MWL. Good luck everyone!
  7. @rocky123I am thinking late March? Maybe last week of March? No clue lol
  8. @DDS 2025 HopefulI completely agree! I am feeling quite anxious the more I think about it lol.
  9. @medordentI feel the exact same way. Hopefully we did better than we think we did.
  10. Hi everyone, I had my UWO interview today and not sure how I feel about it. I finished answering the questions relatively quickly and spent most of the remaining time chatting with the interviewers. How did you feel? Is it bad that I finished early?
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