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  1. Thank you! For me it’s between McMaster and UofT but I think I’m going with UofT. I posted about it in the Ontario OT forum as well! Basically it is the best fit for me with placement opportunities and educational experience. Mac sounds cool, but I’m not sure how much I would love PBL and a more self-directed learning approach. I’ve done undergrad courses before that were very self-directed and although I did fine, I personally would have preferred more structure. But that’s just me! There are tons of pros to McMaster as well!
  2. What a great idea! So helpful sGPA: 3.96 cGPA: 3.90 #of times you applied: first time applying to OT! Schools you applied to and their responses: Applied & accepted at UofT, McMaster, Queens Hours of experience: I actually never kept track of my work & volunteer hours and didn’t put them on my resume! But I have work experience with seniors, young children, and people with developmental disabilities, volunteer experience with student accessibility services at my university and a private OT clinic, and 2 OT shadowing opportunities pre-covid
  3. Hey! I can’t speak to how class size affects quality of education, but I have heard that UofT has done a great job of online learning because it was already set up between St George and Mississauga I think their transition to online and hybrid learning was a lot more seamless than some other schools. I have also heard that profs make a real effort to get to know individual students in the program!
  4. Hi everyone! I applied to McMaster, UofT, and Queens, and was accepted to all 3. I’m still unsure of where I want to go but I’m 90% sure it’s UofT. To me, the placement opportunities are too good to pass up. I’ve talked to OTs who say that you want the biggest and best placement sites as a student so that you can learn the most during those years. They also look great on your resume when you’re applying to jobs after grad. As for the educational experience, someone currently in the program has given me tons of insight. The profs are the best in the field and recognized worldwide. Ev
  5. Hey! Mine is on Wednesday as well so far I've reviewed the program handbook, website, and practice questions (ones specific to OT and ethical ones, not most of the med school ones). They want you to be able to clearly explain your answer and defend it, while also considering multiple perspectives. Good luck!!
  6. To anyone who has a Mac interview or has had one before, do you know when they confirm which circuit we are doing within our time slots? I'm always so paranoid that I did something wrong when I chose my slot & that's why I haven't received an email yet!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm an OT applicant for this year's 2021 cycle. I love reading about OT and learning as much as I can about the profession. I listen to the OT4Lyfe podcast, but I prefer to read things most of the time. I can't seem to find any OT blogs written by Canadian OTs, other than OTSweetPea which is a little old now. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any good Canadian (or American!) OT blogs that you'd recommend thanks so much!
  8. Same thing is happening to me as everyone else with the interview link - I emailed them with a screenshot so that they're aware!
  9. I'm just wondering if you received a confirmation of application email from them back in January. The only possible explanation I can think of would be that they don't have the right email on file.
  10. It sounds like you definitely should have gotten an invitation - maybe check your spam folder!
  11. Sign up for interview slots ends on March 11th, so I assume the waitlist will open after that!
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