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  1. they really making it more stressful for students. the interview is usually a way to separate you from the other applicants, to help boost your application and now we don't even get that chance.
  2. i am pretty sure they did the same last year (redistribute the weight of the mmi)
  3. yep, the selection criteria only adds up to 80, tf happened to the test of the 20????
  4. still nothing, I think we should receive something next week. I'm really hoping that we do and that we can still have an interview.
  5. i cant say for sure, that's all the email said, that we will be notified in mid to late march, literally nothing more than this. but looking at the timeline, i think its fair to assume that interviews will be cancelled, march is usually the month they have them, and as of right now, we don't even know if they are going to have them or not. I guess well have to wait and see what they say.
  6. just got a reply from dent admissions, I emailed them almost 2 weeks ago. the individual said that we will be notified in mid to late March.
  7. nope, still nothing. weeks almost over. i was really hoping we would get something this week.
  8. hopefully it is by the end of this week.
  9. still no response from the department. i am pretty sure they email any updates that occur. i have checked the application status page a couple as well and nothing has changed there either, no updates in terms of anything on that end. its been 2-3 days since i emailed them and they haven't responded yet so i don't know what is going on. it is a very weird situation, interview invites usually go out mid February. i guess we will have to keep waiting.
  10. will do. my friend said that it was the same last year, they didnt really update the applicants that well and people were just left wondering as to what was going to happen, similar stuff this year i guess.
  11. Havent heard anything yet. have asked many people and no one has gotten anything. i emailed the department yesterday but havent gotten a response. invitations have not been sent out and its already March, im thinking that interviews may be cancelled this year, they were last year once COVID hit.
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