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  1. has this interview format been used before? Do we even know how long of a video response per question? Man the ambiguity makes timing prep difficult
  2. yeah seriously. I have no idea what 'written response' even pertains to (whether it will be personal, situational, testing knowledge of pharmacy/healthcare etc etc. Doesn't help very much for prep. Side note.. is anyone else really freaked out by the poor prospects of pharmacy as a profession? I've been researching this constantly and the consensus is pretty bleak and depressing. Don't get me wrong, I am psyched to have an interview but, I am really terrified about the mental, emotional, financial and time investment without certainty that it will pay off
  3. The interview has 3 sections: Video response to of video-recorded questions with 2 parts (#1A+B; demonstrate verbal articulation) - 70 min Written response to passage - 20 mins MC (related to communication skills/non-academic attributes) - 20 mins This is such an unconventional format.. multiple choice?? how are you guys prepping for this?
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