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  1. OTgal2021 here (idk how I managed to get 2 names!)...It still shows as green & ORPAS hasn’t changed either. Thanks for the support! It was so competitive this year that I’m not tooooooo upset. It’s disappointing but it is what it is! Nothing I could have done to help it. Hopefully next year is better
  2. Most likely the regrets email will be sent out tomorrow... I’m not sure if the wait list gets an email or not though
  3. I think they’ll send out invitations starting next week once the sign up period closes for those who received an invitation.... I’m not sure if we will get an email beforehand saying if we are on the list or not. I would assume if you don’t get a rejection tomorrow then you are on the list! i’m not sure what the average was but I would say it’s high 3.8s or low 3.9s... we just got unlucky this year with the amount of applications so it’s abnormally high!
  4. Congrats to everyone who got an email already!! I haven’t yet.... but have not given up hope! Maybe I’ll be on the wait list
  5. There is no fee since the interviews are run by the school. I think PT has them because they are Kira Talent. Did you hear back already about OT?
  6. What was everyone’s subGPA for McMaster OT if you don’t mind me asking?? I had a 3.82... wondering if I haven’t heard because I was too low
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