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  1. Same! No email yet for me... I really want to know my campus assignment too. Also doesn't feel quite real until I read the email haha **Update just got the email lol. Seems like they roll out at different times for diff people. Congratulations btw!
  2. I can't believe we've had to wait so long since we submitted our applications in Jan haha. I have been anxiously waiting! Best of luck to us all!!
  3. Ohhh that's interesting, thanks for sharing. I completed my undergrad in 2018 haha so I've been pretty far removed from the exam life. It's disappointing to hear the grades could be inflated for those reasons.... but alas, out of our control! Perhaps admissions departments should have adjusted accordingly.
  4. Just got my rejection email from McMaster OT! My sGPA was 3.80 and they said they invited the top 240 applicants. Congrats to those that made the cutoff! Quite brutal haha
  5. Also confirming I have not received anything from Mac for OT. I appreciate hearing updates from others, it's hard not knowing!
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