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  1. OK do you guys just want a FB messenger chat? PM me with your Facebook names (and maybe what your profile pic is in case a few names come up) and I can make one. it will be for Mac students
  2. Thank you! these are good points. I did end up deciding on Mac, and I'll be commuting so don't need to worry about student housing. I'm hoping PBL will be more of a pro than a con, that style of learning does appeal to me! Where are you accepting?
  3. I was deciding between UofT and Mac, and I chose Mac mainly for it's location & catchment area. I feel both are great schools and have heard good things about the OT program at both, but McMaster will be more convenient for me in the long run. It's a hard decision! Are you currently leaning towards either one?
  4. Hi everyone, I just finalized my decision to accept Mac's OT offer. Wondering if there are there any Facebook groups made for our class?
  5. Hi everyone, I just accepted my OT offer at Mac. Are there any Facebook groups made for our class yet?
  6. Aside from differences in location, what do you guys think are the main pros/cons of attending McMaster vs U of T for OT?
  7. Has anyone that applied to OT at Mac had trouble getting into their Mosaic account this evening? I was logging in normally throughout the day but suddenly I can't login and its saying my user id or password are invalid? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, This week Mac is sending out MMI invitations. Has anyone gotten their invitation yet let me know! Also if you have, what is your GPA and last name initial? I'm wondering what the process of sending out invitations looks like. Thanks!
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