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  1. I just feel lost in life and never accomplished anything in my life. I'm depressed and I don't enjoy anything in life. I really dont know what to do with my life.
  2. Hey, I was thinking if a Canadian graduated from an Australian medical school is it possible to do a surgery specialty after graduation? Or is it limited to FM only? Thanks
  3. I need help, people come to my house and say how their son is going to medical school in Australia makes me feel I'm not smart. Also talks about how he's gonna make a lot of money. I don't know what to do? I feel like I ain't gonna achieve anything to be honest.
  4. I'm just depressed and I really like medicine but its like I have a hard time getting out of my bed. I'm almost 25 and its like what I'm I doing with my life.
  5. I'm really in crossroads and don't know what to do. I'm stuck I want to go to med school but I don't know if I can. I'm struggling as to what my cousins are saying about me behind my back and not really respecting me because I'm not in medicine also the amount of times I feel like a failure for not going to medical school. Do I hope in medicine? I see all of the people that went abroad as well and they got residency at the location they did their medical school. I'm just depressed and don't know what to do?
  6. How much do GP make in Australia?
  7. @Intrepid86I mean you have successfully matched so how is going overseas not favorable if you don't mind me asking?
  8. @bearded frog Graduated out of college with a 3.75, in university first year it was a 3.8, second year 2.7, and third year 3.7. My mother had an aneurysm she became permanently disabled can't eat, talk or see this took a toll on me mentally and my extended family estranged us as well. This is no excuse though and I should have paid attention in school but I didn't. I started having low self worth but I knew I had to change this I applied to the military as a reservist in hopes it can break me down and build me into someone that's more disciplined and increase my self esteem, also had the desir
  9. @bearded frogI'm Canadian doing a major in CS have a 3.4 GPA, my EC are hackathon, looking at other places to volunteer probably be a med scribe, and in the process of being a reservist for the military something non med related though. Looking at maybe going overseas to preferably Australia or Ireland.
  10. Hey, Was wondering if going to Ireland, Caribbean, and Australia was worth it a bit about me I graduated from community college and I'm currently in University and have a 3.4 GPA and currently studying for the MCAT. Which school is a better option and allows me to practice medicine
  11. Its so exhausting when its not very transparent.
  12. Would I get an internship though because I have been hearing their is an internship crisis.
  13. Is Australia worth it for a Canadian or nah?
  14. Seems like a CS applicant so I'm I good luck because theoretical CS courses destroyed my GPA. I went back a year to recover from that taking easy courses
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