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  1. Yes, getting the account perks (VIP account, complimentary credit card, open account incentives, etc). Just wondering if this is possible/anybody has done this. Can one go to a bank and say that they only want a $175k LOC (or any other amount) or is it always for the full amount?
  2. Instead of getting the $350k LOC from a single bank, is it possible to get $175k from each of two banks (e.g. RBC and Scotia) instead?
  3. @bearded frog the stats guru! How does the Canadian average of 94.2% compare with previous years?
  4. https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/small-business/business-banking/line-of-credit/spsp-line-of-credit.html
  5. Hey guys, I managed to get 3 credit cards (Gold Amex, Passport Visa, Momentum Infinite) for free from Scotiabank when I opened my LOC ($275 limit) with them a few years ago. Now I recently requested to have my limit increased to the current offer of $375k, and my advisor is saying that I have to close one of the credit card in order to have my LOC limit increased. I don't get how these two are related. Any similar experience?
  6. I just sent them a bunch of thank-you emails.
  7. It's still a "left-over" spot after the 1st iteration, which was not the case in previous 1st iterations.
  8. How does the total number of 2nd round available positions this year compare to previous years? I guess it could be used as a proxy for # of unmatched students?
  9. Remember that you don’t HAVE to participate or match in the MSM match. If you decide not to participate or go unmatched, you will just complete a 4th year in GIM and graduate and start working as a GIM. So the MSM is not as high stake as the R1 match.
  10. If most people chose the 4-year program over the 5-year one, all programs would have a 20-30% unmatch rate, so that's clearly not the case. GIM total program quota and hence the interest in GIM is also around ~19% nationally, which is too small to explain the 30% unmatch rate (not even including the 8 people who did match to 5-year UBC GIM this year). This is also a new, worrying trend for UBC that was not seen in previous years unless residents suddenly decided to fall in love with BC this year. For such alarming unmatch rates, I prefer to discuss and challenge plausible reasons to ident
  11. So they gave up on their dream of pursuing their desired subspecialty and went unmatched just to stay in BC for 1 more year? Not sure if I buy it haha
  12. Ideally you should have asked for 4-5 plastic surgery letters to make sure that you have 3 letters well before the deadline but not sure how difficult it is to ask for this many letters in plastic surgery. All the best to you man!
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