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  1. I got accepted into UofT but think I am leaning more towards McMaster, if I get off the waitlist. Due to being on the waitlist, should I accept UofT for now and then wait to hear back from Mac? What does this process look like?
  2. I’m #15 on Mac’s waitlist - what are the odds I get in? I’m leaning more towards Mac than UofT
  3. Does anyone have an opinion on UofT vs McMaster OT program? I’m interested to hear other perspectives! Also, is there really no difference between St George and Mississauga campus for UofT? Curious about how they decide who goes where!
  4. Of course! I got waitlisted into Mac but top of the list, bombed a written question. Which is unfortunate. But I believe I’ll be accepting UofT . I only applied to the two schools!
  5. Thanks so much! My sGPA was 3.96. My essay, I tried to showcase my personality along with all the work/volunteering involvement. Degree: Honours BSc in Psychology Work experience: Work as a psychometrist and project coordinator of a research study, work with young adults with FASD, work with women who have been in human trafficking, and mark papers/exams for psychology professors. I have worked in academic counselling and mentorship, as well as a behaviour therapist assistant and respite. Volunteering: Research assistant, involved at my university, Care minister at my Chu
  6. Got responses from both schools I applied for . Got into UofT and waitlisted at Mac. I figured I would be waitlisted for Mac because I totally blanked on one written question - at the top of the waitlist though, so I am hopeful!
  7. Can we accept an offer and then decline to accept another after? As in, accept the offer to ensure our spot in the program at one school but then when we hear about the waitlisted, decline and accept the other offer.... hope this makes sense, sleepy brain.
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