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  1. Bruh why don't they just send out the rejections so we can officially move on...
  2. Did those who got invites get one for March 27 only? I am wondering if they're going to wait a day before sending out the next batch...
  3. Hmmm... There are let's say around 200 who get interviewed per interview date... if the interview is worth 50% as UofT says, then those who creep in at the very end of the list because they were on the waitlist will have to outperform pretty much everyone through their interview scores to make the 40-50% of people who actually get invited...
  4. Thank you for that! So there are people with late invites who get in eh? I'd think if interview is worth 50%, and the late invitees were "low-ranked", they'd have to do extremely well in the interview (compared to others) to make the final cut... but if there are people that have made it in then that's reassuring.
  5. Does this mean that someone who gets an interview with less than 2 weeks notice (after the wave) were lower on the ranking list?
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