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  1. Congrats!! Guess there is still hope for us on the 3rd tier!
  2. For taking more courses I just mean so if you don't get in on your first application, the next year you apply your aGPA will be improved. It's pretty common even with decent stats to not get in on your first try, so it's a good idea to have a strategy on how you might be able to improve your application for the next round. If you want you can message me personally and I can give you more specific answers in regards to improving your aGPA (based on my experience). It's definitely good to qualify for some points at all, not qualifying for others won't hurt your application, because i
  3. I think (based off of what others have said in the past and what I have seen) that if you are able to get a good score on CASPer you may have a chance to get an interview. After the interview, your aGPA is worth even less so it'll be more dependent on your MCAT and MMI. I've seen a few people get in over the years with similar stats so it is definitely possible, but you will have to do really well on both CASPer and the MMI. Hopefully you qualify for some of the SES/Rurality/diversity/etc factor points too which may help your application. If I were you this year I would definitely apply, sp
  4. Assuming that there is 5 people per tier and for the most part it seems like most are active here I think we probably would have heard if there was movement. But there is always a chance that there is more movement that we don't hear about (eg. people not updating here, some who may not be active on this forum)! Hang in there <3
  5. Perhaps! It's all speculation really. I wouldn't be surprised if people take a few days to accept + maybe it takes a few days for the school to process the acceptances. Again we are operating under the assumption that there are 5 per tier, it's entirely possible there may be more per tier and that there is more movement that we are not hearing about. From the sounds of it there has been ~5 IP waitlist spots offered and I think there is a good chance that most of the IP waitlist have/are going to accept so it's fair to say those spots are likely not going to be the next ones offered up. I g
  6. I heard the deadline for the initial offers was last Friday at 9:30am (5/21/21). Of course as soon as the next applicant gets an offer they have 5 business days to respond.
  7. I'm not really sure. At first I thought so but another person posted (Shazam) that their friend got in before that 5 business day mark and another person on the May 20th (which apparently was before the deadline to accept). It could still be possible they are doing it in batches but I think it's also possible that people are just waiting to the deadline to accept/decline.
  8. There are many reasons why it is hard to tell based off of the facebook group. I think that there is a sizeable portion of the students who have been accepted but do not know about the facebook group. I saw on a post on /r/premedcanada that sometimes people may join a group (they weren't talking about u of m group) while deciding on which school to attend or may even join when on the waitlst (IDK what the rules are for the U of M facebook so they may or may not be more strict about who joins). Like you said about ~11 of the members are current med 1 as well. Plus IDK really
  9. Tier 3 represent as cool as the volcanos in Iceland and as composed as a kangaroo playing a piano .
  10. Agreed! I'm hoping 'my' theory (a theory based on little actual evidence lol) is correct in that many people applied more broadly this year because of online interviews thus there will be lots of movement on waitlists! Although from the sounds of it a lot of people have been having the same theory so maybe we are onto something !
  11. Agreed, assuming that most of the people from tier 1 are posting here anyways! Seems like there were more post here made by Tier 1 people, but the poll in my other post has four respondents from tier 2 so hopefully we will hear from them all when they get accepted ! Who knows maybe this year will be an abnormally lucky year for us people on the waitlist ! It does seem to be moving 'fast' but that could just be wishful thinking.
  12. Looks like so far we have about ~5 tier 1 acceptances? So if there are 5 per tier perhaps we might start to hear of some tier 2 movement next?
  13. Congrats!!! I've seen a few posts so far with people on the first tier mentioning that they haven't heard anything so far and then a few hours later being accepted so maybe its some sort of reverse jinx LOL xD!!
  14. Do you know if your friend has posted here already? Just asking to try and gauge the number of people on the 1st tier.
  15. They mentioned in one of the sessions that some spots will be held for appeals.
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