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  1. Holly Molly, I am 12th on the in province, it looks like I actually have a real chance this year.
  2. I believe this is the waitlist for med not dent. But thank you. i know it will be posted here: https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/4-year-dmd-program/after-applying but I am not sure when it will be posted
  3. IP/OOP: IP WL #: 12 Plan on: accepting Does anyone know roughly when they begin posting the waitlist?
  4. Haha, who knows. But its nice to know at least I have a chance. Less nice that now where I'll be come September is really up in the air.
  5. WL #12 In Province Felt the MMI went rather poorly but I am pretty happy since this is my 3rd time Ive done the MMI at McGill and the 1st time I've even been put on the waitlist. Already got into a few other dental schools so I am the least worried this year, but still I would love to stay at McGill, its my home.
  6. Yes I did, I assume they do as well since my undergrad was 3 years so if they didn't count my fourth year (year 1 of my masters), I would not have qualified for the 'lowest year dropped' option
  7. Accepted time stamp: 3:58pm GPA: 3.99 (excluding my worst year) DAT: 20AA, 25PAT edit: finishing my Masters Thought my interview went very poorly since it only lasted a total of 5 minutes...
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