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  1. For PT, in the information session they said that the in person part was just a mask fitting appointment on Sept 2nd. So, not even the entire day but a specific appointment time. I'm not sure, but I feel like it might be similar for OT if that's your program. Maybe email them to see if that's the case!
  2. Since first round offers are expiring soon, thought I'd fill one of these out and share some more waitlist movement. This forum has been a great resource for me so I hope it will be for others too in the future (: Applied + (PT or OT?): PT - Mac, UofT, Western, Queens ; OT - Mac, Western Accepted: PT - Mac, UofT, Queens ; OT - WesternWaitlisted: PT - Western ; OT - MacRejected:GPA: c-gpa - 3.94 ; s-gpa - 3.97Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I thought my essays were well written, but I don't think I had more or better experiences than any other applicants. I was a volun
  3. I did! I just took what I needed to graduate this year, as I had taken a lot of summer courses. I took 4 courses in fall semester and 3 courses in winter semester. (Although, they only would have looked at the 4 courses in fall). Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want more details!
  4. Hi! I got a response, and they said I should have gotten one. They re-sent it to a different email address that I have, and I was able to sign up for an interview luckily (I just had to choose whichever timeslots were left). But I'm so glad I emailed and got it figured out!
  5. No I sent an email inquiring what happened, I hope I get a response soon because I really thought I had a good chance for OT and worked like crazy to keep up a competitive sGPA
  6. I have friends that applied to both as well and it didn't impact their ability to get an interview for OT, so I don't think it could be this. Yea, I'll probably end up emailing and see if something changed about the selection process I guess
  7. Unfortunately not in the spam folder either. I know my ORPAS account is set up correctly from getting the January confirmation emails and Mac PT Kira Talent last week, and I've been receiving lots of other emails today so I know my inbox is working fine right now too.
  8. I did get the confirmation email, and I got the Mac PT Kira Talent emails just last week, so that's why I'm so surprised by this
  9. Been checking it all day I hope it comes but the workday is basically over now... so odd.
  10. New to this forum, but confused by these Mac OT interviews. My sGPA is 3.97, my cGPA is 3.94, but no email for interview. I thought this step was based solely off GPA at this point? Or am I missing something??
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