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  1. uAlberta website says that the program accepts 130 people per year, however there are 139 names on a name tag document that was included in the welcome email that was sent on August 6th. I would advise you to maybe contact Anjela and check on your status if you haven’t heard back at all yet. Goodluck !
  2. I think there are around 13-14 spots left if I am checking that correctly, I’m sure someone will correct me if I am mistaken. I hope you hear back soon!
  3. Hi hi, would you be able to add me to this group please? Thank you!
  4. Thank you! IP Overall GPA around 3.7ish, not too sure exactly. Work experience: Years of working in the medical field as a medical technician, both in clinics and private diagnostic imaging practice. Volunteer experience: Lots! Canadian Mental Health Association, translation of immigration documents, helping new immigrants navigate the city, teaching kids ages 6-7 Croatian... I think what helped my application the most is that I took 9 courses in the Winter 2021 semester and did extremely well. I am also bilingual, and a recent-ish immigrant (came here in 2013), so
  5. Just received my acceptance this morning! Can’t wait to meet everyone in the fall
  6. For the first portion, I put what motivated me to want to get into the field. I kind of had a specific event that made me see the profession in a different light, so I talked about that, and finished it off by how I can contribute to the field if I get in. For extracurriculars, I talked about what I do aside from work/school/organized volunteering. I had somewhat of a variety of extracurriculars that did not involve the usual school clubs, so I talked about how the activities I chose to do impacted me, those around me and how I would relate them to the field. There is only so much
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