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  1. Same here! I emailed them out of fear they never received my form and money lol and got the following reply: you will receive an email after May 17th confirming receipt of your letter.
  2. Same here! I will probably email them later on in the week just to be on the safe side if there aren’t any updates
  3. Not PT, I applied for OT. I heard sometime in March I can't remember exactly, but I didn't make it to the MMI round.
  4. Thank you for letting me know, that's really helpful and makes sense If I were to get accepted to any of the schools in Ontario I would probably stay here, but right now U of T is my top choice and Alberta a close second. I also applied to Western and Queens, and Mac but got a rejection from Mac.
  5. I’m wondering if anyone knows if accepting an offer from U of A will have any effect on Ontario schools? I want to accept my offer while I wait to hear back for schools in Ontario since I live here, but I’m worried I’ll somehow be unable to accept another offer if I do so. if anyone knows that would be great
  6. Got accepted for OT :) 3.82 sGPA (according to ORPAS, I don’t know how Alberta calculates it) and a ton of related experience. I’m out of province, from Ontario
  7. For those who applied to U of Alberta for OT, has your application status changed? Mine still says "pre-screening".
  8. Wondering if anyone who has previously done an interview at UofM has any tips on how to prepare, what to expect, etc. I know you can't give out specific information about exact questions, but any tips would be appreciated! Also wondering if anyone who is prepping wants to prep together, maybe we could start a group or something. Thanks
  9. Hi there I know you can't give specific details about the interview but I'm wondering if the questions are scenario based like MMI/Casper? or are they more common interview type questions (ex. how do you handle conflict, what is your leadership style, etc.) If anyone has any tips for the interviews that would be greatly appreciated!
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