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  1. I've accepted my U of T OT offer and declined the Western OT offer! That should open up a spot on the waitlist for those waiting on Western OT
  2. I'm most likely declining my western offer and accepting my u of t one! Still deciding but 90% leaning towards u of t due to placements
  3. I went to western for med sci, had a 3.83sGPA, did some prep for CASPER for a day, shadowed 1 OT during this past summer and spoke to about 15 other OTs (which i mentioned in my essay)
  4. Hey, if you're in ontario, you can send me a message. I was able to get a shadowing opportunity during covid
  5. My sGPA was 3.83, I had a pretty good reference from my anatomy professor (i had 95 in both of her anatomy classes and my professional reference was from an OT that I shadowed! I think my essays were okay, I just brought in a lot of personal experiences in my personal statement and I did some research for the other question feel free to dm me if you have more questions!
  6. I haven't gotten an email yet, but i see others have gotten one. i assume it's going by last names? I'm at the very bottom of the list haha
  7. accepted to Western OT and U of T OT, beyond happy. Congrats to everyone who got an acceptance!
  8. Hey guys, I have 3.83 sGPA, also didn't get a mac OT interview offer... Does anyone know when they send out waitlist for interviews? And what the cutoff was this year?
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