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  1. maybe a poll might help narrow things down? i dont know how to do that tho
  2. has anyone declined/accepted any offers? or anyone know of any movement
  3. From my understanding with a Q&A with an admin rep they said it was about 15. But it could fluctuate from year to year i suppose which would explain the 6 ^^
  4. whoever gets any updates/moves from the WL please post it! Ty
  5. whoever gets any updates/moves from the WL please let us common folk know!
  6. Anyone here can explain the whole z score thing? I think I know whats a z score and all but i'm not sure i understand how people would be able to get in with a lower score than others by the zscore - wouldnt a higher score regardless give you a higher z score? also.. last thing - anyone have averages of last year? like for the supplementaries and interview and such
  7. Anyone know whats a feedback interview and how to apply for it?
  8. can we have a further breakdown of the 74+ applicants? Just to see where everyone is at up there
  9. admissions maybe ran into an unexpected delay? it could have really been (and still be) thursday. i'm hopefully thinking that anything beyond this week is just too late so it must be this week
  10. would it be worth checking with Admissions for an updated update? especially given the conflicting timelines by reliable sources
  11. are you secretly an admin agent trying to sneak a hint? lol lol (pls say yes tho)
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