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  1. it was sep. 3 (the section 2 deadline) last year. would think its likely the same this time around too
  2. Just got accepted off the NWL!!! Call came in around 10:30 am.
  3. any other HWL people still waiting on offers?
  4. Do we know how many people roughly are on the HWL?
  5. if anyone reaches out to them any updates would be very much appreciated!
  6. is that here on premed101? if not can you please post a link to that?
  7. just heard from a friend that got accepted yesterday from the IP WL - don't know anything else though!
  8. anyone know when they usually go through the HWL to get to NWL? if they usually do at all?
  9. anyone know where they may potentially be at with the waitlist? i.e. scores of those recently accepted off of it? and can we expect more significant movement beyond this point?
  10. maybe a poll might help narrow things down? i dont know how to do that tho
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