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  1. Hmmm well that doesn't give me a lot of confidence! But thanks for the answer, I'll have to send them a message to see what's going on. I would've thought I'd at least get a rejection letter and not just...nothing? Good luck getting off the waitlist though!
  2. Are you in province for mcgill QY PT? I still haven't heard anything from them but I am OOP. Has anyone else OOP heard back either good or bad?
  3. Yup, #144 on the waitlist for me. Assuming that's probably somewhere near the bottom... got an email, still have nothing on orpas or mosaic.
  4. Yup, I'm from AB! I'd heard that as well, not sure if two waitlists would mean I have a better or worse chance of getting in... How about you?
  5. I'm also on the waitlist, somewhere in the middle. Would be great if we could use this thread like I've seen for other schools and update on if anyone gets any new info or if there's any movement!
  6. Just got an email back saying I'm mid-range on the waitlist. Made sure to ask if they could let us know the approximate length of the waitlist but of course they didn't say. Guess we'll just have to worry a little longer!
  7. Got waitlisted to dal as well around 9pm mst. OOP and last name starts with W. Not entirely sure what my sGPA was /4.3 but it was only 3.68 on orpas/4.0. Good luck to us all!
  8. Not yet, but they said that I could get an invite up until the day before, so I'm still going to try to prepare as if I already had the invite, just in case!
  9. A little late to the game, but I'm interested in joining as well if anyone is still checking this thread!
  10. Mine was pretty bad quality and I actually e-mailed them to make sure they could actually see my ID in the first question. Tested two different cameras and it was the same for both. The lady who responded said it should be ok. Very nerve wracking though!
  11. Stupid question, what is IP? For some reason my mind isn't putting two and two together. Edit: IP = In province, duh. Yes I am from Alberta! Was thinking u of a would be my best chance to get in and now I might not even get through the first hoop.
  12. By own own calculations my overall GPA is 3.5 and subGPA was 3.7 but they might have a slightly different number. I re-took anatomy last semester to improve my grade but I'm not sure if it will be included since I had already completed my undergrad and it shows up on my MSc transcript...
  13. Just wondering if anyone has any stats on how many people get accepted for the MMI vs waitlisted or rejected from U of A for PT. Just got waitlisted today and now I'm panicking! Would help to know if I'm on a relatively small list or if there might be hundreds ahead of me.
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