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  1. No difference what so ever from what I have heard talking with friends.!
  2. I think once you submit your deposit but I am not sure? Thats all it says on my letter.
  3. Accepted NB first time applicant! GPA 4.0 MCAT 507 Cant stop crying!!!!
  4. Thanks! As I said before I can find no info specifically for NB or PEI applicants so its been really confusing! I think its that all the same cuttoffs must be reached and then they are scores independently. When I applied last summer I did not realize there was a specific stream for indigenous applicants (assumed section one question was for scholarships or something). So I am trying to find more information on it!
  5. So I know its not likely that today will be the day but every time my email dings I feel like I am going to pass out!
  6. I have had a headache for three days just thinking about today.... It better be today. I don't think I can handle two more weeks of this! Letter usually come out in the morning right?
  7. That's kind of what I was thinking, it was just odd that they had listed African NS and the Indigenous maritime seats. I had also never heard of a NB resident NOT going to the saint john campus.
  8. Indigenous IP applicant here! Looking online it seams there are specific seats for indigenous IP applicants in NS. It specifically says maritime indigenous people so if these seats are not filled by NS residents would it go to NB and PEI or rather non- indigenous NS? Does anyone know how this process works in general applicants? I cant find any information!
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