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  1. Hey! I'm in my 5th year of undergrad right now, and I decided to not graduate and do an additional year to raise my GPA, instead of graduating and taking extra courses. One of my reasons was because as a non-degree student, I would get last priority at my school for choosing classes. Staying in undergrad made it easier for me to choose classes I wanted before they filled up.
  2. Regarding course loads and OT programs, I emailed U of T OT about this. They said they are understanding of circumstances that can affect the course load applicants take (e.g. working or volunteering). And they'll look at your resume in your application to see wh at else you've been doing that can impact your course load. I also put as an attachment what they said on their website, so it can give more info on U of T's expectations for course loads. I'm not too sure about other programs though!
  3. Can I ask where you found practice questions related to OT? Most of the practice questions I found online were related to med school MMI's.
  4. I haven't received a confirmation of my exact circuit time either, so it's not just you! Hopefully they'll send out a confirmation email in the next few days.
  5. Oh I see, that's definitely different than what I heard in Western OT's info session back in November! I'm not sure why we got different information from admissions, maybe I heard incorrectly haha. But good to know they replied saying they do use personal submissions. Thank you for emailing!
  6. I'm also interested in joining if there's still space!
  7. Toronto OT is more holistic, as they also look at your resume, personal statement, and references. I think they place the most emphasis on your GPA, though. It definitely is intimidating looking at the GPA increase for McMaster, and the increased applications for what seems like multiple schools! But I have seen people on this forum get into schools like UofT with slightly lower GPAs but made up for it with their experiences.
  8. I don't know, I haven't seen anything concrete regarding how much they weigh sGPA and CASPer.
  9. I was also at the Western OT information session that the other person mentioned. From what I remember at the info session, the Personal Submission is not used for admission, that admission is solely determined by your sub-GPA and CASPer score. The Personal Submission is used for placing admitted students into groups in the OT program.
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