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  1. All right, got it! For me, the deposit was regarding McMaster, where in their acceptance email, they said we had to accept our offer and pay the deposit online. It may differ by schools and programs.
  2. I had provisionally accepted an offer, would that be okay or would I have to firmly accept by the May 29th deadline? For the rest of your question, I think like you said, you'd have to accept on ORPAS and submit your final conferred transcript (and also pay the deposit for your school). Someone correct me if I'm off on this or missing something!
  3. Hey! I used whatsmygpa.ca to calculate my subGPA. The figure I got was pretty much exactly what ORPAS ended up calculating.
  4. Haha, yes if only that could be possible. I hope you get off the U of A OT waitlist, best of luck!
  5. I accepted my McMaster OT offer, and declined my U of A and Western OT offers! Now to see if the U of T OT waitlist moves...
  6. Sure! One thing that I appreciate about McMaster is they have an introductory placement in the first term, which is longer than most other OT programs. I like having that early clinical exposure, being able to apply what I learned in the classroom and incorporate what I learn on that placement back into the classroom. I also like the Northern Studies Stream opportunity at Mac. For problem-based learning, I really don't know what to expect of it now, I'll have to ask around to see other peoples' experiences with it.
  7. I'm leaning towards McMaster right now (also depends if I get off U of T's waitlist).
  8. I had a 3.87 sGPA, and I did some online practice questions to prepare for CASPER. In my essay, I talked about working as a Behavioural Interventionist for a year, doing hospital volunteering, volunteering with stroke survivors, and being in a leadership position at a club in my university.
  9. Hey! My cumulative GPA is 3.44 and my sub-GPA is 3.87. I extended my undergraduate degree by another year to take extra courses and raise my sub-GPA. It's definitely possible to do another term, raise your GPA, and get into an OT program. You'll have to see where your GPA currently stands, and how many courses you'll need to take and the grades you'll need to get to have your GPA at a competitive level. I've found this calculator helpful when I was trying to improve my grades. You can use it to help calculate what your sub-GPA would be, and make decisions accordingly. https://www.wh
  10. Accepted to McMaster and Western for OT! Waitlisted by U of T, nothing from Queen's yet.
  11. One hour left!!! Thank you all for being such a supportive group, and for making this application process less stressful. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. Yep, my U of A application is still on "pre-screening" too. And according to Canada Post, my mailed deposit/acceptance has already reached there. I hope they update it soon.
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