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  1. J'ai reçu mon offre le 29 Avril et ceci est la section où il indique le campus. But it might be different for people accepted later.
  2. It looks like they're slow to update the website. Especially since you were #8. Félicitations pour UdeM!
  3. Quelle est la moyenne minimale pour réussir l'année préparatoire en med? À McGill on devrait avoir un 3.5/4.0. Merci!
  4. There is a very high chance that you will get in, personally I'd say it's guaranteed but it can be different each year. I already know another person planning on rejecting their offer (they're already in).
  5. What is your position on the waiting list? I'm 16th and I'm planning on rejecting (assuming I get an offer) if it helps.
  6. McGill Outaouais ou UdeM Montréal? Qu'est-ce que vous pensez?
  7. Pareil pour moi. Je crois qu'on doit attendre quelques jours pour qu'il change sur le centre étudiant. D'habitude on a environ deux semaines pour prendre la decision. Félicitations!
  8. I just had waitlist but no position number or anything on the checklist. Anybody else have the same issue?
  9. Anybody get their waitlist number for Med-P? Or do they not show it like they do for Dent-P?
  10. Been looking over the forums and can't find anything... Any info would be appreciated!
  11. That's last year. This year it's a bit different. with 64 interviews and 10 admitted.
  12. I don't remember exactly where it says so, but I asked the admissions department during the information session and I was told that 64 interviews would take place.
  13. 64 dent-p interviews, 10 get in. 327 interviews for med-p, around 66 (or smt) get in. similar ratios but it looks like dent-p is a bit higher. Not all of the dent-p students that got interviewed get interviewed for med-p and vice versa.
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