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  1. Hi there! I am planning to attempt the DAT this year and I honestly have very little clue about gathering books + resources to use for studying. I heard the DAT Crusher and DAT Bootcamp is good for the Canadian DAT. I live in a very small city and hence no one on the fb marketplace really is selling DAT materials. I checked amazon but I couldn't find any books that could be shipped to my location. Could someone recc a good place to purchase books from + what books/brand you would recommend? Thank you!!
  2. Even if the 2021-22 cycle was exempt I would most likely still have to take it incase I didn’t get in for that cycle and would have to apply for the 2022-23 cycle.
  3. If you search "University of Toronto Dentistry Prospective Students" and then click the Doctor Of Dental Surgery tab and scroll to their DAT requirements, it should be updated there.
  4. I was just recently informed + saw on the UoFT Dentistry Admission site that anyone who is applying for the 2022 cycle and onwards are required to take the Manual Dexterity section of the DAT (it is no longer optional). I was surprised because I was planning to apply within this year/next year and now I guess I need to take the DAT including this section? Any thoughts & any tips from anyone who has done the MDex portion of the DAT?
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